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Sure-Step decking is a high-quality, maintenance-free decking system for on and off the water.

As a walkway and dock system, Sure Step has been a leader since 2001. Its unique design and open web Chevron pattern allows water and sunlight to pass through it in order to help conserve the ecosystem. The surface slots account for 34% of the panel area, allowing for maximum sunlight penetration without compromising strength. The average light availability under dock panel is 53% at 18” and 82% at 60”.

Sure Step is made of 100% virgin material and a has an interlocking system that makes installation a snap! The surface is slip resistant and barefoot friendly. Sure-Step Walkways and docks are available in four colors. (See product list for specifications)


    Sure-Step drop-in panels are available in Sure-Step Standard and Sure-Step Plus sizing. Drop-in panels are fastened with fiberglass and stainless steel screws.

    Both the Sure-Step and TREDZ™ products have proven test results and neither contains any wood fibers that would compromise their performance. Protecting our environment today and in the future is important.

    Photo showing the four different color options of Sure-Step decking

    Our 3ft, 4ft, and 5ft are available in White, Tan, Khaki, and Gray.

    While we've made every attempt to illustrate color options, photos are not an exact color match. Please feel free to contact us if you are in need of a color sample.

    Key Features

    Sure-Step Plus

    Specifications and Measurements

    *Length dimension tolerance +0.0625″ and -0.125”
    Base Material100% Virgin polypropylene
    Thickness1.2″ For All Sizes
    Sizes*36″ x 12″48″ x 12″60″ x 12″
    Weight3ft: 4.5 lbs4ft: 6.0 lbs5ft: 7.5 lbs

    Light Availability

    At 18″ Height53%
    At 60″ Height82%

    Detailed Product Dimensions

    Sure-Step Plus Dimensions
    Sure-Step Decking 3

    Sure-Step Standard

    Specifications and Measurements

    *Length dimension tolerance +/-0.125”
    Base Material100% Virgin polypropylene
    Thickness1.0″ For All Sizes
    Sizes*35.375″ x 12″47.50″ x 12″59.625″ x 12″
    Weight3ft: 4.0 lbs4ft: 5.5 lbs5ft: 7.0 lbs

    Light Availability

    At 18″ Height53%
    At 60″ Height82%

    Detailed Product Dimensions

    Sure-Step Product Dimensions
    Sure-Step Decking 5

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